Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Australian Bushcraft forum

The Australian Bushcraft Forum will soon be a reality!!!

Whilst I am a big fan of the UK and US Bushcraft forums and will continue to enjoy utilising these invaluable resources, I think it is time that an Australian version was created.

Why, well Australia has a diverse array of unique ecosystems which are not replicated in other parts of the world. So I figure it would be great to have a forum which reflects Australian conditions, geography; flora and fauna, places to travel and Bushcraft and survival techniques that are specific to this region. The site over time will hopefully develop to the point where it also becomes an invaluable resource for those interested in traveling to Australia for a Bushcraft adventure.

With one of the oldest indigenous cultures in the world, a culture that thrived with a minimal toolkit and an incredible understanding of local fauna and flora; and a rich tradition from the colonial days onwards of resourceful bushman there's plenty to discuss and share.

I hope that it also becomes a virtual campfire for those interested in Bushcraft pursuits in Australia. I have conversed with a number of Australians on international forums and many have bemoaned the fact that a similar resource does not exist here. So hopefully the new forum will help foster a similar scene to that in the UK and US.

Anyway stay tuned.

Oh yeah, if you have any suggestions for forum threads send through your suggestions to mountainwalker@ausbushcraft.com


A Forum is up and running, it's called BushcraftOz, not my project (didn't have the time). Go check it out, it's just what we need.