Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rain Rain and a Twister?

Well summer is over, every weekend seemed to be wet, I like the rain particularly when out in the bush, but this summer I think I reached my limit.

Anyway, wet again today so I headed out for a walk in the local forest.  Was surprised to come across a 20 meter long corridor of destruction, all the trees pushed over, maybe a mini twister?

Tried to take a picture but didn't do it justice.

With all the rain, there was hardly anyone out.

The Banksia's had new Flowers growing.

Found a nice slab of sand stone to sit on brewed up a tea.

Then made a mini feather stick out of a fallen branch.  The knife is a kellam Wolverine I bought second hand from a forum member off Bushcraftoz.  Must say, fantastic tool, great handle and so easy to keep sharp, holds an edge better than my other knives.

Also bought a leather belt pouch second hand which I tried out for the first time.

It's made by the US knife making outfit Adventure Sworn.  This model is called the Navigator Pouch.  It is a beautifully crafted piece of gear. On this occasion I had a Swiss Army Knife, Ferro Rod and torch stowed away.  Unfortunately my compass is too big for the pouch, which I think is the intended use.  Admittedly I have a large Silva Compass with a big base plate.  I can see the navigator pouch joining me on most of my treks, something inherently satisfying about hand crafted goods.  I find that I gravitate towards traditional gear more and more.  My Frost River Cliff Jacobson Pack is now a year old and developing a nice patina of wear and tear.