Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rain Rain and a Twister?

Well summer is over, every weekend seemed to be wet, I like the rain particularly when out in the bush, but this summer I think I reached my limit.

Anyway, wet again today so I headed out for a walk in the local forest.  Was surprised to come across a 20 meter long corridor of destruction, all the trees pushed over, maybe a mini twister?

Tried to take a picture but didn't do it justice.

With all the rain, there was hardly anyone out.

The Banksia's had new Flowers growing.

Found a nice slab of sand stone to sit on brewed up a tea.

Then made a mini feather stick out of a fallen branch.  The knife is a kellam Wolverine I bought second hand from a forum member off Bushcraftoz.  Must say, fantastic tool, great handle and so easy to keep sharp, holds an edge better than my other knives.

Also bought a leather belt pouch second hand which I tried out for the first time.

It's made by the US knife making outfit Adventure Sworn.  This model is called the Navigator Pouch.  It is a beautifully crafted piece of gear. On this occasion I had a Swiss Army Knife, Ferro Rod and torch stowed away.  Unfortunately my compass is too big for the pouch, which I think is the intended use.  Admittedly I have a large Silva Compass with a big base plate.  I can see the navigator pouch joining me on most of my treks, something inherently satisfying about hand crafted goods.  I find that I gravitate towards traditional gear more and more.  My Frost River Cliff Jacobson Pack is now a year old and developing a nice patina of wear and tear.


  1. Good post.
    We get the same thing here in our forest from time to time, a line of trees blown down. Here in Butterfly Valley most of the high winds go right over the top of us, but further to the West we get these trees occasionally knocked over in a long straight line.
    Regards, Keith.

  2. Yes, I suspect you wouldn't want to be there when it happens. When I was a kid growing up on a farm little twisters would appear in the paddocks. You could see them from the dirt and grass they would suck up, One time I thought I would run into one. I was still scraping the dirt out of my scalp a week latter. Lot of energy in a twister, even a little one.