Monday, November 29, 2010

Just around the next corner....

Yesterday I took the kids out for another bushwalk and I heard words that gave me a great deal of satisfaction..."dad let's keep going, I want to see what's around the next corner".

Considering that it was raining and I had not brought any wet weather gear (it was a walk close to home) I was impressed with my daughters fortitude. It reminded me of my teenage years and the first forays into the wilderness with my mates. We were lacking in knowledge but we made up for that with at times a reckless sense of adventure, our motto was just around the next corner, we always found it hard to turn back as the excitement of exploring new tracks was hard to subdue.

So years latter when I heard my daughter say those words it was like a connection with days gone by, it was a symbolic passing of the torch to the next generation, I dare say that humans have been saying this for thousands of years..............I guess that's why our ancestors left the savanna of Africa all those thousands of years ago!