Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wow, where does the time go!!!

As mentioned earlier in the year I started a new and demanding job. I had plans to develop an Australian Bushcraft Forum and as you would no doubt realise this has been delayed.

Things are looking up and I now have the time to get this project off the ground. I have decided to create a basic forum and let those interested in Australian Bushcraft nominate what categories and headings they would like to see. I guess you could say that the forum will develop in an organic fashion and reflect the interest of the community that forms around it.

Thanks to all those that have emailed me over the recent months, it would appear that there is a lot of interest in this project.

So stay tuned!

On other matters, over the weekend I took the family to a local national park and had a great day out. I have two young kids and am slowly introducing them to the joys of the wilderness, selecting walks that are not too arduous but still challenging. It was raining on the day, so we all donned our coats and hats and headed out.

I must confess that to me at least, my favourite time to walk through a eucalyptus forest is in the rain. The aromas are energizing and the wildlife is out and about. We watched two lyre birds charge through the forest, so agile, kids were very impressed.

Forgot the camera, but here are some pics of the another mini expedition.

August 2010 081

August 2010 077

August 2010 076

August 2010 053