Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Frost River Cliff Jacobson's Signature Pack

Thought I would go old school and try out a traditional canvas pack mostly for day hikes.  I use canvas panniers on my motorcycle and love the durability of canvas, tough as nails as they say.  Anyway a little research on Bushcraftusa and I decided to buy the Cliff Jacobson signature pack from Frost River.

Frost River is a small company in the USA that specializes in traditional canoe portage packs.  They also make some rather neat bicycle panniers that I might try out down the track.  Everything is hand made at their premises in Duluth and my initial research indicates that the quality is fantastic.  I am certainly impressed with my initial contact with the folks at Frost River.    I asked a few questions about which pack would best suit my needs and received an expansive and thoughtful reply from the company owner.

Anyway, waiting on the postal system to deliver my bag, has been around three weeks and I'm starting to get itchy feet.  As soon as it arrives I'm loading up and heading bush............a review will follow.

Oh yeah, just finished booking flights to NZ for next year.  Plan is to walk the Routeburn and Caples track.  Now I just have to figure out what gear I need to take, life can be tough at times.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bushcraftoz Forum

At last, we have Australian Bushcraft forum!!! I had stated in earlier posts my belief that such a forum would be a great asset to those who wish to share their knowledge and thoughts about the Australian wilderness and the means by which individuals can flourish in this landscape. Whilst there are wonderful overseas bushcraft sites, the flora, fauna and geography are different and some knowledge and skills do not translate easily to our continent.

Therefore I had plans to create an Australian Bushcraft forum however, this coincided with a new job that has been very demanding and so the project was put on the back burner for way to long.

Well I wasn't the only one who thought a forum was a great idea and it was great to find out that the Bushcraftoz forum is up and running.