Monday, June 15, 2009

Ka-Bar Becker BK2

My new Ka-Bar Becker BK2 knife arrived today and all I can say is WOW what a beast of a blade. I thought it might be a good utility/camp knife; and straight out of the box I'm a bit blown away even though I was aware of the basic stats for the knife before purchase.

The Becker series of knives are designed by Ethan Becker who appears to be a jack of many trades. A little research indicates that he is an author of cook books, a mountaineer/outdoors-man and knife designer. Initially Becker's range of knives were manufactured by the Camillus knife company which went out of business a few years ago (now appears to have been revived). Ka-bar is now the licenced manufacturer of the Becker series.

First impressions, it's heavy weighing in at around 0.45 kilograms and the blade thickness is a staggering 6.5 millimeters. Despite the weight it is well balanced and the handle is a nice fit in the hand. I suspect it will be a great camping knife?

I will write a more informed review of the BK-2 once I have had the opportunity to use it on my next expedition. Stay tuned.

Weight: 0.453 kilograms
Length: Blade length 14cm
Overall length 26.5cm
Shape: Drop Point
Edge Angle:20 Degrees
Handle Material: Grivory
Steel: 1095 cro-van


  1. I'm within a poofteenth of buying one of these. Whats the handle like? Is likely to get slippery with sweaty hands?
    Thanhs Fred.

  2. Hi Fred,

    I used BK2 a few weekends ago and spent about an hour chopping down some trees in hot weather. The grip was fine, but having said that I don't tend to sweat alot. I'll have a bit more of a review up shortly. Very impressed, I dont think you could destroy this blade if you tried.

  3. I've seen videos on youtube where a few people have put a piece of bicycle inner tube on the handle to make it grippier.

    There's also an excellent interview with Ethan Becker on Equip2Endure's channel.

    Disclaimer: I neither *am* Equip2Endure nor know him/them.

  4. Hey just wondering where you ordered your BK2 from or who through. im looking into them but struggling to find anywhere that stocks them, any help would be appreciated,


  5. cutting edge knives, Australian outfit in QLD I think. Purchased several knives from them, good service, can recommend.

  6. I have the BK 7, I saved heaps and bought it from knifecenter in the us and with shipping I still saved money

  7. cutting edge knives are about the worst when it comes to delivery, that bloke Michael that runs it has no idea about customer service, I received my order after 6 weeks of waiting! he seems to be on a holiday all the time, as it seems he used that excuse with other buyers, it was his loss as I work for a government body and was about to give him a large order, not any more, be warned!

  8. I have not purchased anything from Cutting Edge for a few years. They were ok at the time although if I recall correctly they were on the slow side.

  9. It was last year that I had to wait for 6 weeks to get my Condor knife, sure it did get here, but I could have had it delivered via Ebay in half the time! and as mentioned by the other poster on here, I also got the same excuse of him being on a holiday when asked where my knife was. I am part of an Aussie based knife forum, and Cutting Edge Knives name seems not to good on there either. I purchased from them about 6 months ago, and maybe they have improved, but going by what I hear around the forums nothing has got better regarding delivery times.

  10. Oh well at least there are numerous options.

  11. They are still crap placed an order with them and it's been over 2 weeks now.

  12. They have this statement listed in their Shipping Terms Information which obviously no one read:
    CEK ships via Australia Post. We recommend that you choose registered post and insurance.

    CEK accept no responsibility for lost items if the customer has not chosen to insure the items purchased.

    Available - this means the item is either on the shelf or needs to be ordered in which usually takes around 7-14 day.

    Most packages ship within 2 to 14 days from when your payment clears. Please consider the maximum time for shipping before placing your order.
    The web site is automatically set up to send you the following emails to update you on the progress of your shipment

    Pending - sent when you make the order
    Approved - sent when payment has been received
    Shipped - sent when shipment has been taken to the post office