Saturday, June 29, 2013

Terra Rosa Exploring

Bought my first tarp a month or so ago, a Terra Rosa Exploring made in Melbourne Australia by Evan.  There are a selection of models available catering to a diverse range of applications from the light weight soloist to expedition sized tarps.

I have been an avid bush walker and hiker for several decades and over that time never used a tarp (used small light weight tents).  Now that I own one I wish I had of tried one earlier.

The model purchased is the Terra Rosa Exploring Tarp.  The tarp is a hexagonal shape 2.8 x 2.2 meters in dimension and is made from 30d Sil-Nylon with a weight of 290g.  Before shipping Evan asked if I wanted him to seam seal the tarp which I agreed to (obviously some people prefer doing this themselves).

The tarp comes with 6 tie-outs, although you need to fit it out with your own lines (I have used paracord).

Another excellent feature is the stuff sack which is a generous size so packing the tarp away is not an onerous process.

Overall, the quality is superb.

After a week of torrential rain in Sydney I could no longer cope with being inside so headed out to my local patch of bush.    Two hours after bush bashing I decided to seek refuge from the rain under my new tarp.  I must confess, I did a poor job setting it up, but the water was running off and I stayed dry.  I brewed a tea and read a book.  Need to practice the process of setting up this tarp but otherwise this is a superb piece of kit.

Out and about on another day, tarp is indeed proving to be excellent addition to the kit.


  1. I dislike synthetic tarps immensely,I will only use cotton, linen or hemp canvas. They are better than a tent though.

  2. Yes Le Loup synthetic tarps would certainly not be your thing. Terra Rosa also make canvas tarps for those of a traditionalist perspective. Having said that I love this tarp, so light and packs away into a small stuff sack. Perfect for my intended use.

  3. Great to see the tarp flying and getting some miles! Great pictures.

  4. Thanks Evan, as you can see, I need a bit more practice on the set up LOL