Friday, November 27, 2020


 Nothing like greeting the sun, in the Australian bush.  

Fjallraven Kaipac 28

Maiden voyage of a new backpack, Fjallraven Kaipac 28.  Bought this on sale from Tom's Outdoors online store. I believe they are based in Tumut, which is a beautiful part of the world. My dad used to love this area so we would often pass through Tumut on holidays but also to buy cattle for our farm. 

Anyway, this is the first time I've purchased any Fjallraven gear, it's expensive, but I must say the quality is top-notch.  I stuffed the pack full to the gills with camera gear, stove, water, windproof jacket, poncho, folding saw/knife combo and first aid kit; around 5-6 kg.  All the weight was on the shoulder straps, it does have a hip belt but I didn't use it.  I'd say the most comfortable day pack that I own.  The g1000 material looks like it will be sturdy, I guess time will tell.  A very simple but well thought out design. A nice review here by the Outdoor Gear Review channel  

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