Thursday, May 21, 2009

RM Williams Australian Bush Learning Centre

I read with interest that a Bushcraft school will soon be opened in Queensland. The RM Williams Australian Bush Learning Centre will provide instruction on contemporary and traditional Bushcraft skills. This is a great initiative considering the lack of Bushcraft schools/courses in Australia. May it be the first of many.


  1. Would be interested on follow-ups on this one. I have been trying to find some primitive skills groups in Australia, but as you say not much to find. In fact I have not found any on the net so far accept from my own group in Armidale NSW. I would really like to find some Aboriginal groups that do this sort of thing.
    Le Loup.

  2. The crew at Nature Philosophy ( primitive skills and nature awareness at Halfway Creek, NSW and occasionally in Vic. I would highly recommend their programs as they have changed my life and way of thinking.

  3. The RM Williams Australian Bush Learning Centre, whilst still in its infancy is preparing to announce 5 new 'bushcraft' courses that will be run from their Centre in Eidsvold, Queensland. Amongst the first courses to be held are dry rock wall construction, silver smith forging, bush damper and bush camp oven cooking. all up we have identified more than 40 skill sets that we would like to be able to deliver. The local Indigenous community are a part of the Centres Advisory group, and have expressed an interest in incorporating Australian Indigenous craft alongside the non- Indigenous (often) heritage skill sets.
    Jo Lambden (Acting Coordinator RM Williams Australian Bush Learning Centre Aug 2011