Monday, November 23, 2009

Richard Graves

The Ten Bush Craft Books by Richard Graves are considered classic texts, unfortunately they have been out of print for many years. They are still available in pdf format.

Richard Graves led an adventurous life. Born in Ireland in 1889 he latter moved to Australia where he died in 1971. During World War II he was commander of the Australian Jungle Survival and Rescue Detachment. The unit was credited with successfully rescuing over 300 soldiers After the war he ran a bushcraft school for over twenty years.


  1. I can learn a lot from Richard Graves his knowledge and skill with survival kershaw knives are much to be documented. Thanks for sharing the PDF file.

  2. Hi guys.

    Sorry to interrupt.

    I have some of the Richard Graves books and am looking to sell them as they weren't quite what I was after. Do you know where might be the best place to sell them?
    Better they are sold than sit here gathering dust.

  3. Hi Kristy, If you go to the trading post section of the forum, I'm sure there would be someone happy to buy them from you.

  4. Hey Ross. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I appreciate it and will check out the link you suggested

  5. I am researching his Jungle Training Detachment as attached to the US 5th AF in Nadzab. From this command, Capt William Gillespie did manage a daring rescue in Dutch New Guinea in August 1944, bringing back alive four crew members of a US B-25 from a huge swamp area. More here:
    If anyone has more info on Graves and/or the JTD, please contact me at Bas Kreuger