Thursday, December 10, 2009

Alone in the Wilderness

I stumbled across this online video yesterday. It is a self made documentary by Richard Pronneke who was a carpenter, diesel mechanic and war veteran amongst other things. In 1969 Pronneke retired to a place called Twin Lakes in the Alaskan Mountains. The documentary shows the building of the cabin that was to be his home for the next thirty years.

It's amazing to see Richard craft the cabin with only a few hand tools. He sounds like a fascinating character, not many individuals can thrive in the solitude of such a harsh but beautiful environment. This documentary is a study in bushcraft in action, surviving and thriving!!!

Supposedly his journals have also been published. I think I might track them down.


  1. Thanks for posting the link to that video. I've just finished watching it. Very inspirational. The way he fashioned door hinges and latches etc.
    BTW, great site, I stumbled across it while searching for camp knives. I have bookmarked it and will check in again.

  2. Thanks Paul, yes very inspiring. I will have have a few more reviews posted shortly.


  3. I have seen this video, I liked it very much. As Paul said, very inspirational.
    Le Loup.

  4. The video has been removed, so the link now leads to an error message. His journal can be found on his wikipedia page, the first 'external link'.