Friday, January 1, 2010


Another year another decade and hopefully a lot more adventures!!!

I am now the happy owner of a Syderco Bushcraft knife which was a gift for Christmas. Alas, Spyderco have stopped shipping these knives due to an issue with the wooden handle slabs cracking. Fortunately my one appears ok (sofar). I have been using it for some wood carving and have been pleasantly surprised by the ease at which it slices through wood. It has a scandi grind similar to my mora knife however the blade is substantially thicker as is the handle. All up it offers the user superb control. Keep in mind that this is only my initial impression.

In a few weeks I will be heading off to visit my parents who run a farm in the central highlands of Victoria near Daylesford. I plan to do a mini expedition into the bush for a few nights and relax in the solitude of the wilderness. Also a good opportunity to try out some new gear, Spyderco Bushcraft knife and an Alpkit Bivvy bag. After that a solo hike into the Blue Mountains beckons and a nice outback trip on the motorbike should provide some respite from winter. My kids are also reaching the age where bushwalks are an exciting option to the other distractions that compete for their attention (Wii etc).

Nothing like pondering the possibilities of a great adventure. Enjoy 2010!


  1. The Wombat State Forrest is quite a nice place to explore be it on foot OR 4x4, I have the luxury of living on it's edge myself.

    I hope your camping expedition went well & I'm looking forward to the potential Australian based Bushcraft site you're proposing...

  2. Yes, need to get my act together; have been in a new job and just moved house so not much free time. THe forum has been loaded onto a server, just need to fine tune and set free. Will aim for june 2010.

  3. Now July 22nd. Just thought I would drop by and say hi, and check to see if there is any news on the new forum yet?
    Regards, Le Loup.