Monday, January 4, 2010

Spyderco Bushcraft

For some great bushcraft knife reviews check out SpookyPistolero (Wil Stuart). Here Wil reviews the Spyderco Bushcraft knife, a fair assessment in my book.


  1. I hate the Spyderco bushy. It's got a hole in the blade and it's made in Taiwan for Christ's sake. I've got a Terrence Kidd bushy with bone handles and red spacers and a Stephen Wade Cox bushy with hardwood handles. I tend to use my Moras more though. As long as it's carbon steel it suits me. My Higonokamis come in handy too.

  2. Umm, I actually like the knife, yeah the hole in the blade is pointless, but that is their trademark. With regards to where it is made, it's the quality control that counts not the country of origin. Lots of top end stuff comes from Taiwan, so that is not an issue for me personally.